Bad River Tribe

Breastfeeding is nothing new, it’s something our grandmothers did, and goes way back to our human creation, When we conceive and during our prenatal/body change, a women’s body will naturally produce doodooshaboo, if choosing to breastfeed this would be our babies first drink of medicine.  (mewizha a time of trauma/history/hospitals, our women were not allowed to nurse their newborn, bottles and formula were given to the infants) We hear many stories from our elders of what they remember, at one time our  grandmothers, moms, aunties, also nursed other babies/children, they were referred as a wet nurse.


As a community health educator,  I educate/support moms for nursing,  any questions or need help—our Maternal Child Team is more than happy to help. ps. here in the community I would like to acknowledge the many moms that have nursed their children and now their daughters, granddaughters are naturally nursing,  megwetch for continuing and sending that to us and into the future.  


Penny Charette

Healthy Start Community Health Worker

Bad River Health and Wellness Center